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I believe I now have my "dream job" thanks in part to the professional resume created by
A Better Résumé. I was targeting a specific position and Caroline helped me to organize my resume to highlight my past employment experience in order to compliment the position I was targeting. Caroline's method of interviewing helped me recall important key skills and training I might have left out otherwise. Having a professional resume boosted my self-confidence knowing my resume would stand up to the best!

Amy Lindner
Manager, Member Recruitment & Retention
Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

Put Your Career in Caroline's Hands.

A number of candidates who come to Cardinal Services for help in finding a job have become discouraged or downright depressed about their progress. Often this has to do with the kinds of jobs they seek but more often, it has to do with a poorly written and constructed resume. Our job at Cardinal Services is to help people find jobs and help companies find qualified people. An informative resume is fundamental in the job search.

In the staffing and recruiting business we see hundreds of resumes and many of them are not very good. By that I mean that these résumé are two dimensional, boring, uninformative and, often, way too short on information.

I never hesitate to refer a candidate to Caroline Jagot. About three years ago, I lost track of the number of people I have referred to A Better Résumé. Not one candidate has ever come back to me disappointed in the new resume. In fact, the resumes produced by Caroline allow candidates to view themselves as skilled and experienced professionals. Employers find the resumes easy to read and understand. They don't have to search through extra words and phrases to find a skill.

Caroline has a wonderful ability to get people thinking and talking about their professional lives. She knows what to ask. She knows how to phrase an answer. Her final product is like a burst of sunshine in a job hunting jungle.

Jan Brown
Former President
Cardinal Services - Tallahassee

Her pen is magical. Although I work with words every day, there was no way for me to get my biography sounding as clean as Caroline managed to. If I come across anyone in need of a professional biography or resume, I refer them to A Better Résumé.

Tony Carvajal, CAE
Professional Speaker
Carvajal Consulting & Management

Caroline Jagot is a critical listener. She truly hears not only what her clients say, but also what they really mean. She evaluates how that translates into job skills and creates a resume that showcases that individual in the best light possible.

Gale A. Workman, Ph.D.
Professor of Journalism: Florida A & M University
Writing Consultant: Tighter, Brighter Writing

When I was downsized after 20 years of service, my company sent me to A Better Résumé. Caroline does an intense information gathering session. We discussed my history and where I wanted to go next. This allowed her to create a focused resume, which started me in a new direction. I am currently self-employed, and have my awesome resume posted on my web site for potential clients to review. I truly believe that the most valuable part of my severance package was my visit to A Better Résumé. Thanks, Caroline!!

Linda Wotring
Technology Consultant & Personal Coach

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