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Getting Started
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A Better RÉSUMÉ works in close partnership with entry-level through executive clients. Services and fees are tailored to match the precise needs of its diverse clientele.

After conducting an in-depth interview and assessing specific client needs for resumes (and related documents such as letters, reference lists, and applications) a fee for professional services will be quoted (based on a $90 per hour rate).

The fee includes the initial interview, strategic analysis of the information, composition and design of resume, cover letters and supporting materials, client revision, final editing, and one master print.

In addition, the client may choose from several package options for laser prints, letterhead, envelopes, and CD/electronic files. These charges will be added to the professional fee.

Full payment of fees and related charges is due at the first office meeting or telephone interview by cash, check, MasterCard, or VISA. (Long distance projects: No personal checks accepted. Cashier's checks or credit cards only, please.)

If the client decides not to pursue the project after receiving a quote, he/she will be charged only for the consultation ($45.00 minimum). If the client cancels the project subsequent to payment, fees and expenses incurred through the time that cancellation is received directly from the client and acknowledged by A Better RÉSUMÉ will be deducted from the original payment. A refund of the remaining balance will be issued immediately.

There are no hidden charges. However, additional costs will be assessed for shipping, long distance, supplemental work requested by the client, additional work necessitated by incomplete information, missed appointments, last minute cancellations, and responsibilities not completed by the client in a timely manner.

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